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Warren Wood Walk-On

Walk On paintball at Warren Wood

Walk on Paintball for Hertfordshire & North London

Walk on paintball is back at Warren Wood. With the site now under the watchful eye of RW Paintball, we thought it was time to get some of the traditions, on which Tim built this site, back in place. Over the coming months you’ll see new maps, and game scenarios, as well as upgrades to the safezone areas.

Walk On Dates at Warren Wood

Starting on March 31st 2019, on the 4th or last Sunday of every month, we’ll open our Newgate Street Village site to regular players who have their own kit. Everyone is welcome! If we’ve known you for years please come along and enjoy a relaxed day of walk on paintball. You may even recognise yourself in the picture above (used with the kind permission of Stuart Moseley). For those who have just bought their first marker, this will be a great opportunity for you! You’ll get to meet new friends and have a taste of the walk on scene.

We expect players to have their own kit but we’ll bring some of our rental equipment just in case you have an issue on the day. Air refills and paint will be available all day. Entry prices can be walk on only or include a box of paint.

Upcoming dates:

Sunday 31st March / Sunday 28th April / Sunday 26th May

Paintball Pizza!

You’re very welcome to bring your own lunch and tea/coffee will be available all day long. For those of you who like Pizza, we’ve done a deal with Papa Johns who will deliver pizza directly to the site at discounted rates. Just speak to our team on the day and we’ll get the pizza’s ordered for lunch time delivery.

Walk On Costs

Following our recent survey, and the cost of quality paint supply, there will be 3 options available.

  1. £50 Includes walk on fee and a box of high quality paint.
  2. £40 includes walk on fee and a box of mid tier paint.
  3. £25 walk on fee and you can bring your own paint. Any paint is welcome except first strike or equivalent. Mag-fed welcome on this package.

Booking Walk on Paintball

We’d ask all players to kindly pre-book so we have enough staff and equipment on site.

To book: Simply pay deposits of £10 pp using the paypal booking system below.  Remaining balance can be paid in cash or card on the day. Your deposits will come off your bill on the day but will not be transferable or returnable for any players who do not show up. If you’re not a fan of Paypal we can take payments by phone or send you a secure payment link. Just give us a call to organise.

If you’re booking more than one player, you change quantity after you press ‘Buy Now’.

Paint option
Date of Play


Finding Warren Wood paintball Walk on

It’s not difficult. The wood is in the same place but we have moved the entrance recently. You’re now looking for the metal gates opposite Ponsfall Farm. This is about 200m closer to the village. Using Google Navigation and clicking on RW Paintball listing will bring you straight to the New Gate, where we will have our signs out.

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